New glasses (+sneaky OOTD)

I got new glasses yesterday! And whilst I’m yet to take any ‘nice’ pics in them, I have snapped a few selfies. Purple is by Osiris and white is Gok Wan, both from specsavers.
Also, my package from Forever21+ finally arrived!!! I went on a spending spree a few weeks ago, and my purchases are here at last.
I was incredibly impressed with the fit of all of the items I purchased. Very true to the size guide, and every single item fit well and was comfortable.
Today I’m wearing their skater dress in Royal, and galaxy leggings. Suuuuper comfy and colourful!
I broke up the blue with a belt from Crossroads, and paired some purple flats from Target.

Looking forward to your flowy look tomorrow. Mine will be another Forever21+ purchase!

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